Entrepreneur Discovery process

The Podkarpackie Innovation Council (PRI) established by virtue of the Resolution of the Podkarpackie Region Board in Rzeszów on the 12 April 2005 is the consultative and advisory body of the Podkarpackie Region Board.
The Podkarpackie Innovation Council currently has 33 members.
These are representatives of the economy, universities and research and development units, regional self-government and government authorities as well as people involved in the issues of introducing innovations in the region.

The tasks of the PRI include in particular:

  1. Cooperation with the Board of the Podkarpackie  in the scope of:
    1. supervision over the implementation of RIS,
    2. monitoring the implementation of the strategy.
  2. Making strategic decisions related to the implementation of RIS.
  3. Constant verification and updating of the implemented strategy.
  4. Initiating new projects contributing to the growth of innovation in the region’s economy
  5. Assessment of applications related to innovation:
    a. submitted to the relevant programs in the field of cohesion policy financed in the 2014-2020 financial perspective.
    b. issuing opinions for all other initiatives related to the growth of innovation in the economy of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.
    c. giving opinions on initiatives in relation to which the Self-government of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship is obliged to take a position or issue a recommendation.
  6. Initiating and maintaining contacts in the area of ​​building a Podkarpackie innovation system with national and international regions.
  7. Promotion of RIS and positive examples of innovative undertakings and support for interregional activities.
  8. Supporting the development of the Podkarpackie innovation system, including cooperation with the Management Committee, Strategic Goals Panels and the Podkarpackie Innovation Forum.
  9. Making decisions on the acceptance of project financing proposals under the name: business networking as a result of the entrepreneurial discovery process implemented under measure 1.3 Promoting entrepreneurship, type 5. Networking of SMEs. “The detailed work mode in this respect will be adopted by the PRI resolution.